Saturday, September 10, 2016

Energy Efficient Systems For Your Home

Owning and maintaining a home is a rewarding and expense endeavor. However, as technology advances and more residential HVAC A/C heating and refrigeration companies are specially trained, you can save money on everyday essential expenses such as heating and cooling your home.  Even if you live in a turn of the century home, you can make a few upgrades to your air conditioning and furnace to make your home as energy efficient as possible.

Choosing the Right Heating Source

When it comes to heating your home you have a lot of energy efficient systems to choose from.  Electric, gas, heat pumps and central air systems are all viable options to keep you and your family comfortable throughout the year.  If you choose to heat your home with electric heat, you will need a certified HVAC A/C heating and refrigeration expert to install baseboards for you.  Electric baseboards allow you to heat rooms individually, instead of forced air throughout the entire home.  Electric heat is an energy efficient system because you can control when and where the produced heat goes.  This is a good option fora large house with several unused bedrooms.  You're certified residential heating expert should be able to install electric baseboards quickly and inexpensively. 

Gas Heat, Heat Pumps and More!

Gas is a great energy efficient system and an excellent way to keep your home a consistent temperature throughout the year. Gas is a rather stable commodity, which means you're price to heat a home will stay fairly consistent.  You will need to hire a residential heating technician to install and make repairs to a gas heating system.  You can begin your search for the right HVAC A/C heating and refrigeration company by checking with the Better Business Bureau of Virginia. When you heat your home with gas, a residential heating service will be able to properly install your energy efficient system with a heat pump for about $5,000.  While the upfront costs are more expensive with this energy efficient heating system, you'll make up the savings when you open your heating bill every month.  When you choose to have your gas heat installed by a residential heating service, you will be guaranteed to have the most energy efficient system available to you as a homeowner.  

Radiant Floor Heating and Cooling

A home with radiant floors is way more energy efficient than a home without the special system. Here's why: when you have radiant floors installed by a residential heating service, you're feet are warmer and you're not loosing as much body heat. When you're warmer, you don't feel the need to hike up the temperature on the thermostat.  This means you're home is staying a consistent temperature and you're keeping costs down to heat your home.  When you keep costs low, you're creating an energy efficient system you can be proud of.  By having your radiant floors installed by a HVAC A/C Heating and Refrigeration company, you will also have the option to keep your radiant floors cool during the summer months.  A new study indicates homes with radiant floors pay 25% less a month on air conditioning than homes without the energy efficient system. The reason is simple: cooler floors keep the room temperature cooler as well.  And when properly installed by a company specializing in energy efficient systems, you can be certain your investment will last for a very long time.  

Energy Efficient Systems during the Summer

As we mentioned above, installing radiant floors is a great way to keep you cool and your air conditioning bill even cooler.  When your body is cooled, you will not be tempted to keep your air conditioning on full blast for months at a time.  In addition to radiant floors, a central air conditioning installed and maintained by a heating and refrigeration specialist, is an energy efficient system with the Energy Star Certified stamp of approval. This means you will be able to keep your home at a cool and comfortable temperature without breaking the bank.   When looking for the best company to install your energy efficient air conditioning system, make sure the technicians specialize in residential AC systems.
Most companies either specialize in commercial or residential HVAC A/C heating and refrigeration.  You want a company who works with homeowners to come up with creative and energy efficient systems to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature year round.